Training on Saturday 21st October

This Saturday will be the final 6th session of Term 1.

Since the new club format, I can definitely inform those who took part in Term 1 regularly have significantly improved. I am pleased to continue the structure in the remaining season if there are continuous support by the participants and parents.

Term 1 Session 4 Receiving Attacking (Double/Single) Style 3 versus 1 Formation

Key coaching points (forecourt players in orange shirt):

  1. Raise racquet just above the white tape and point towards the opponent to shut down the net.
  2. Wide feet, regular small tapping of the feet to enable faster movement.
  3. Players to angle themselves accordingly depending the position of opponent who is returning the shot.
  4. Use of grip power to tap the shuttle over (drive) so that the racquet recovers quickly for multiple returns. Avoid using the throwing action which is too slow to react to drives at the forecourt.

Training Saturday 30th September

Just a reminder that the sessions will run today despite the Open Day.

9am to 11am (coaching)
11am to 1pm (no string)

You will be invited to play some rallies with visitors, and I am sure you are all great ambassadors of the academy.