A coach once said that if a child has not reach a level of standard by the time he or she reaches 12 years of age, it is not worth the time coaching that individual.

At Marsh Badminton Club, we value individuality and we offer coaching to fulfill the learners potential. In addition we encourage learners to set higher goals.

We were established in 2009 as an after school club for students at the Marsh Academy. A year later we became an independent Badminton England registered club.

Our numbers varies, some participants had build up significant confidence in the sport and decided to try out in other racquet sports. We strongly encourage this and promote diversity in sport participation.

We also support Duke of Edinburgh programme and we can help meet many criteria set out in each of the three awards.

In short, no matter what level you are, if you like badminton and want to take part in this racquet sport, then we would love to have you on board.