Agility Training

Can’t match the speed and agility of your opponent? SPEED is one of the key foundation in badminton development. However, we cannot just rely on being ‘fast’, agility also plays an important role.

We will now show you four routines that will improve speed and agility.

Summary of Session 1 on 9th September, 2017

  1. Overhead throw preparation
    • weight transfer from racquet leg to non-racquet leg
    • non-racquet hand raised up to make “high five”
    • finish with a step forward.
  2. Tap and underarm throw (lift).
    • wrist is bent to form the so-called “swan neck”.
    • tap requires a tiny movement of the wrist and squeeze the grip tightly
    • lift requires preparation like the “tap”, but perform a throw with follow through of the racquet to the non-racquet shoulder